Floodplain Management

FloodingFlooding poses a risk to the safety and property of every community. Floodplain Management and Mitigation programs help communities identify their flooding risks and implement corrective and preventative measures to minimize those risks. These measures can take a variety of forms, most commonly including zoning, building and special-purpose floodplain ordinances. Any development within a designated FEMA floodplain cannot move forward until all pertinent floodplain ordinances have been satisfied.

Hayter Engineering’s experienced staff offers a wide range of floodplain management and mitigation services as well as general hydrology and hydraulic services:

  • Floodplain Management and Mitigation Services:
    • FEMA map revisions;
    • Flood Insurance Studies;
    • Floodplain reclamation;
    • Hazard mitigation planning;
    • Detention/retention ponds;
    • Flood proofing; and
    • Public safety
  • Hydrology & Hydraulic Services:
    • Watersheds
    • Streams
    • Drainage Systems
    • Storm water management

As a result of its years of experience, Hayter Engineering can guide its clients through a wide variety of FEMA submittal processes (e.g. LOMA, CLOMA, LOMR, CLOMR, LOMR-F, and CLOMR-F). Our familiarity with the local and national requirements we can help more our client’s projects forward to completion as quickly as possible.

Projects Performed:
City of Reno, Texas – Turtle Creek Subdivision Floodplain Mapping
Paris SMPC, Texas – Townwood Development FEMA Floodplain elevations
Jeff Martin, Architect – FEMA Floodplain Flood elevation determination
Residential FEMA Elevation Certificates
Commercial FEMA Elevation Certificates