GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Your organization manages a wide range of data – from water, wastewater, drainage and other infrastructure, to land use, zoning, city limits, emergency services, tax records, property identifiers, work orders, citizen service requests, Police mapping, and more. Imagine being able to view and obtain details on all of these diverse data records, using your office computer or a laptop, or through a Web based browser, accessing multiple computer based data files and current, detailed aerials of your community. This is GIS – Geographic Information Systems – Hayter Engineering’s expert GIS personnel can develop this for your organization.

Our surveyors and GIS personnel can update your city limits. An accurate, current city limit map can ensure that you are collecting all property taxes due to the City, and billing appropriate utility rates.

Hayter Engineering’s survey personnel can assist you in locating (to within 1”) items such as water meters, fire hydrants, valves, manholes, cleanouts, etc. Once located we can create and structure a detailed GIS system for your needs, using highly accurate aerials, and detailed system maps which link to all of the necessary data you need—fire flows, hydrant data, sewer line and service information, zoning and ordinance background, tax records, utility billing records, and more—all linked to a particular property or location. We can structure this as a public data base, searchable by your citizens, and separate some parts as municipal access only, according to your wishes.

We have offered a full range of municipal planning services for 60 years, including comprehensive municipal plans, regional plans and project specific plans.

GIS based planning and mapping can greatly enhance administration of the complex and varied needs of your community.

Representative Project Descriptions:

City of Bonham, Texas – GIS mapping
City of Blossom, Texas – GIS
Lamar County WSD – GIS
City of Reno, Texas – Reno GIS