Wastewater Treatment Plants

IMG_0718Costs of operation, State regulations, and environmental considerations all impact the design of treatment plants. Time tested processes combined with today’s state of the art technology can create a treatment plant which produces clear, clean effluent at an affordable cost.

As wastewater treatment experts, we have experience with a wide variety of treatment processes. Modern technology and our engineering capabilities combine to produce plants that are easy to operate and maintain, environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and which meet all State regulations for treatment plant performance.

Representative Project Descriptions:

City of Bonham, Texas – UV Disinfection System Rehabilitation
City of Commerce, Texas – WWTP and WTP Enhancements
City of Commerce, Texas – Wastewater Treatment Plant – Sludge Lagoon Closure
City of Cooper, Texas – WWTP Improvements
City of Cooper, Texas – Water and Wastewater Facility Improvements
City of Detroit, Texas – WWTP & Master Lift Station Replacement
City of Edgewood, Texas – WWTP Clarifier, Headworks and Sludge Pump Station
City of Emory, Texas – New wastewater treatment plant
City of Fairfield, Texas – Mims Creek WWTP Aerator Replacement
City of Reno, Texas – WWTP Expansion
City of Roxton, Texas – WWTP Improvements
Sundown Ranch, Canton, Texas – New Wastewater Treatment Facility
City of Trenton, Texas – WWTP and Collection System Improvements
City of Winnsboro, Texas – Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion & Improvements
City of Winnsboro, Texas – WWTP Rehabilitation