New gutter & downspout system for 555,000 SF distribution center, including drainage under rather than across concrete pavement.

Our Solution

Hayter Engineering designed modifications to the gutters, downspouts, and outfall channels for the Autozone Distribution Center in Terrell, TX.

  • A 16”x 16” gutter was installed on both sides of the distribution center to intercept the roof runoff into 12” diameter downspouts and to divert it into 15” and 18” underground HDPE culverts to convey the flow an outfall channel.
  • The two outfall channels (2,400 LF total) had to be deepened and widened to accommodate the outfall pipe size and the increased flow.
  • At each of the 9 outfall locations, a grouted riprap apron was installed to slow erosion during periods of heavy rainfall.
  • All components were sized to convey the 100-year flow.
Project Details


Terrell, Texas


  • Design Surveys
  • Design Plans & Specifications
  • Construction Administration