Practical Infrastructure Solutions

Fulfilling the infrastructure needs of municipalities and rural water utilities with practical solutions was our firm’s founding principle in 1957. Over 60 years later, the firm continues to primarily serve municipal and rural water utility clients, but now also serves educational entities, private developers, and industrial groups. These services are offered in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. From the beginning, careful attention to our clients’ needs, budget, and schedule have been a core principle. This will involve our technical capabilities, but equally as important, open communication is always ensured so that you will be able to make informed decisions about your projects. In the end, our clients can benefit from over six decades of extensive planning, surveying, design and construction engineering experience which will be applied to each of your projects. Similarly, the same level of experience is available in securing grants/financing and meeting all regulatory requirements for each of your projects.

Our Culture

Our workplace culture is created and maintained everyday by how we interact professionally and personally with our clients and our fellow employees. Through the way each new employee learns the value we place on a comfortable and welcoming environment, they learn to pay it forward. This culture is modeled through our authenticity towards each other, transparency about our company, the trust we place in each other, our passion for how we serve our clients, our encouragement to maintain a hunger for knowledge, and the way we invest in continual individual growth.

Our workplace culture translates directly to our culture with our clients. We want the best for each client in the same way we want the best for each employee. In the same way each employee is engaged in our workplace culture, they observe the value we place on each client relationship we able to develop. All the same attributes experienced in the workplace are extremely important to impart to each client. Our goal is to always create a long term relationship, so that we can become a trusted advisor while creating a better world one community at a time.

Our Values
  • Honesty in everything we say
  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Trustworthy for everyone we work with
  • Quality in everything we create
  • Supportive of all employees
  • Reliable in every situation
  • Encouraging of individual growth
  • Authentic in every encounter
  • Respectful of all people
Our Purpose

Robert B. Hayter founded our firm on a desire to improve the quality of life for others. Today this principle continues to drive us to develop the most practical solutions for our clients’ infrastructure needs. To do this, we must understand the intricate details of their facilities, learn their improvement plans and projections for future needs. With this knowledge, we can collaborate with our clients on the best solutions for each improvement opportunity they are presented with.

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