Expansion of municipal infrastructure to serve new plant in Commerce, Texas for global company in 40 countries with 36,000 employees.

Our Solution

Hayter Engineering assisted the City of Commerce and Commerce Economic Development Corporation with design surveying, and design for the infrastructure needed to serve a $37,000,000 aluminum recycling plant, Hydro Aluminum Products, on a 35 acre site in Commerce, Texas. This project was completed in 4 phases:

Phase I

Sanitary Sewer Extension which included 1,650 LF 10” SDR 35 PVC sewer and manholes.

Phase II

Water Main Extension and Construction of Economic Drive which included 1,130 LF of Right-of-Way preparation, 5,432 SY 8” lime stabilized base, 104 TN of lime, 5,179 SY 8” reinforced concrete pavement for Economic Drive, and 1,050 LF 8” water main.

Phase III & Phase IV

12” Waterline Extension on FM 3218 which included about 3,500 LF 12” water main from Culver Street south along FM 3218; extension of 12” water main, 2,610 LF south from Economic Drive along FM 3218, serving the Industrial Park, to the wastewater plant.

Project Details


Commerce, Texas


Phase I - $46,733.21
Phase II - $290,884.50
Phase III & Phase IV - $145,387.80


  • Grant Writing
  • Grant Administration
  • Cost Estimating
  • Design Surveying
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Design Plans & Specifications
  • TxDOT Permits
  • Construction Bid & Award
  • Construction Review
  • Record Drawings
  • One-Year Warranty Review