Making a better City Park experience possible.

Our Solution

The Edgewood City Park is approximately 12 acres. The following renovations were made:

  • The existing pavilion was redeveloped into a stage area that faces southeast to an open area for people to occupy during concerts. The stage has a sloped roof that helps project sound into the audience while shading the performers.

  • The original restroom and concession stand were reconstructed and expanded to a handicap accessible 20 foot by 21 foot building. The exterior of the remaining original building was made to match the new restroom portion. The building consists of:

    1. New handicap accessible restroom;

    2. Storage area (which was the original restroom without handicap accessibility) for the City and the baseball association; and

    3. New concession stand updated with modern low energy light fixtures.

  • New sidewalks were constructed to the stage area and the playground area. The playground area also included two ADA access ramps, an ADA accessible swing, and an ADA accessible fun hoop.

Project Details


Edgewood, Texas




  • Financial Application Assistance
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Design Surveys
  • Site Plan
  • Civil Design
  • Construction Plans & Specifications
  • Construction Review
  • TDLR Handicap Accessibility Review