Local funding makes Downtown Community Parks with splash pad, music park, restrooms and parking possible.

Our Solution

Hayter Engineering is pleased to be one of the numerous major partners to make this Downtown Community Park possible.

An existing parking lot and sidewalks were removed to make place for a Community Park including Splash Pad, Harmony Free Notes (music park) area, an Overhead Arbor, and Entry Monument. A new parking lot and sidewalks adjacent to the park were built. The park also includes a restroom, walking paths, and a space for food truck parking.

Hayter Engineering in conjunction with Land Visions and Electrical Expertise prepared the construction drawings and specifications for the Park facilities parking lot grading and paving, landscaping, sidewalks around the exterior of the project, signage, electrical, storm drainage, and water and sewer service. The lighting design includes fixtures similar to those in the downtown area.

This was a unique project being built from the financial contributions and in-kind services of many in the City of Paris and Lamar County to benefit the entire community.

Project Details


Paris, Texas




Boundary & Topographic Survey
Parking Lot grading and paving
Sidewalk design
Storm drainage
Domestic water service
Sanitary sewer service
Lighting design
Traffic control
Landscaping design
Construction Plans & Specifications
Construction Bid & Award
Construction Review