Hydrologic & hydraulic modeling, topographic surveys, analysis of 13 road crossings and channel improvement alternatives to alleviate existing and potential flood damage.

Our Solution

The Pig Branch Culvert Analysis Study provided technical analysis and design improvement recommendations for thirteen (13) roadway crossings within the Pig Branch watershed. The Pig Branch watershed is a highly developed, urban watershed located in Fannin County, Bonham, Texas.

The information presented in the Preliminary Engineering Report provided the City of Bonham with conceptual improvement alternatives and design concepts, and supplied the City with the necessary updated drainage information to alleviate existing and potential flood damage for the analyzed crossings.

The project involved culvert assessments for all 13 crossings, field surveys, detailed hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the watershed, and analyzed crossings, and development of improvement alternatives, opinion of probable construction costs, and crossing prioritization based on existing culvert condition, existing flood protection, OPCC, and proposed flood protection.

Project Details


Bonham, Texas


  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Culvert Analysis
  • Preliminary Engineering Report