Preparation of city required form board surveys to meet schedule of 26.9 million dollar Chisum ISD bond project.

Our Solution

A part of the City of Paris (& other municipalities) building permit pro- cess, is that the contractor provides a Form Board Survey that is signed by a Registered Professional Land Surveyor. This survey ensures that each building form is laid out correctly and does not encroach on any setback lines or easements before the concrete is poured. During the $26.9 mil- lion Chisum ISD Bond project, several new buildings were scheduled to be constructed by a local contractor. Knowing the importance of having these conducted in a timely manner, Hayter Engineering was contacted to provide this service. We coordinated with the contractor to ensure that we would be able to have a crew on-site to survey the location and elevation of each form and to certify to its accuracy or to notify them of what needed to be corrected. Through good communication and sched- uling the entire process was completed without delay due to form board survey requirements.

form board survey
Chisum Form Board
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3250 S. Chrurch St. Paris, TX


Form Board Survey