Minor Plat to allow a property owner to construct a structure to meet city platting requirements.

Our Solution

Property owner Rickey Ladell wanted to build a structure on two lots that he owns in the city limits of Paris.

However, the structure that he wanted to build was going to extend over the existing property line between the two lots that he owns, which is against city ordinance.

Hayter Engineering was able to solve this issue by preparing a “Minor Plat” (a Replat that affects four lots or less) that would combine the two lots into one and in turn eliminate the property line that was prohibiting the structure from being built in the desired location.

With the existing conditions being: 1) The lots already having been platted, and 2) No additional easements nor right-of-way dedication being needed, Hayter Engineering was able to prepare and submit this as a Minor Plat, which saved the client both time and money.

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Rickey Ladell


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Minor Plat