Site development from vacant lot to 16,000 sq ft additional storage warehouse for a local industry.

Our Solution

Hayter Engineering coordinated with the City of Paris and Atmos Energy to satisfy all of the requirements for Potters Industries, LLC to build a 16,000 square foot warehouse on a 5.52 acre industrial site they purchased.

This property was originally encumbered by a blanket gas easement, which by City of Paris standards prohibited development on any part of the property. Hayter Engineering coordinated with Atmos to determine the actual location of the existing gas line and prepared a 100 foot wide easement that was filed of record and the blanket easement was released.

Once this was accomplished, Hayter Engineering prepared a Preliminary Plat showing all of the proposed improvements that would be on the property along with the proposed utilities.

In conjunction with the Preliminary Plat, Hayter Engineering also prepared a site plan in which drainage calculations were done to ensure proper sizing of all drainage structures so that stormwater runoff from the property would not be greater after the site was developed than it was when the site was natural ground.

Hayter Engineering submitted the Preliminary Plat and site plan to the Paris City Engineer and once they were reviewed and approved, Hayter Engineering prepared the Final Plat. The Final Plat was prepared to show all existing easements and all newly required easements, and was submitted to Planning & Zoning then submitted to the Paris City Council and approved.

Project Details


Potters Industries, LLC


John Van Sloun, Unit Manager
Office: 903-785-1633


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