Data review & construction on layout for over 21,000ft of sewer line that was designed by multiple other firms.

Our Solution

Hayter Engineering provided the construction layout services for just over 21,000 feet of sanitary sewer lines and lift station layout as a part of the Paradise Estates Sanitary Sewer & Outfall Sewer Line and the South- east Lift Station project for the City of Paris. In order to successfully pro- vide this service, Hayter Engineering coordinated with four different de- sign firms, two construction firms and a surveying firm that had provided the original design survey. During the initial check of the data provided, Hayter Engineering discovered errors in the original design survey and benchmarks. Once these issues had been addressed using the information we provided, we were able to conduct the construction layout with all features aligning properly. Early detection of the errors in the data provided prevented any new lines from having to be replaced.

Project Details


Paradise Estates City of Paris


Construction Layout