Platting to combine multiple tracts, rezoning application and reviewing FEMA data for construction of restaurant.

Our Solution

Hayter Engineering coordinated with Jeff Martin, Owner; Chad Brown, Realtor; and the City of Paris for a new Subway Sandwiches restaurant in Paris, Texas.

The property was originally composed of two tracts that had not been officially platted per the City’s standards, a flood zone was located very nearby, and the property was not zoned for commercial use. Hayter Engineering worked in conjunction with the landowner, the realtor and the City of Paris to ensure that a Zoning Change could be made, then contacted FEMA to verify that the property would not be included in a flood zone during the FEMA map revisions. A boundary survey of the two tracts was conducted and a Preliminary & Final Plat was created to officially combine the two tracts as one through the City’s platting process. Hayter Engineering then conducted a design survey from which the client had the site designed. Once the site was designed the plans were sent to Hayter Engineering and we conducted a site layout for the contractor that was used to build the site.

Project Details


Jeff Martin, Owner


Jeff Martin, Owner
Telephone: 903.739.0729

John Godwin, City Manager
City of Paris
903-784-9202 (office)


  • Zoning Application
  • Property-Boundary Surveys
  • Design Surveys
  • Floodplain Analysis
  • Construction Staking
  • Geotechnical Stake Bores
  • Preliminary & Final Plat