Downtown square revitalized through sidewalk replacements and new lighting.

Our Solution

The City of Paris, in conjunction with the Main Street Board and the Lamar County Chamber of Commerce, worked together to improve the conditions of the Downtown Square area.

Improvements included, in Phase I: 23,489 SF of replacement sidewalk; 6,480 SF of textured asphalt crosswalks; 30 concrete curb ramps; 466 SF of asphalt street repair; 20 street lights including electrical feed; and 4 brick planters. Phase II improvements were for extensions on the NE, SE, and SW corners of the Square and included: 9,320 SF of replacement sidewalk; 1,069 SF of asphalt street repair; 1,084 SF of resurfacing existing sidewalk, and 12 street lights including electrical feed.

This project was unique because the contractor had to work around special events in the summer and fall, and maintain access to all businesses during construction. In addition, water and sewer service had to be maintained for the businesses and the contractor had to arrange the work to cause minimum inconvenience to the business owners.

This project was financed by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Project Details


Paris, Texas


  • Application for Financing
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Design Surveys
  • Design Plans & Specifications
  • Bidding & Contract Execution
  • Project Administration Construction Review
  • TDLR Inspection
  • Record Drawings
  • Warranty Review