The existing master lift station was experiencing wet well overflows due to inadequate pump capacity. The replacement master lift station will have adequate capacity for at least 20 years.

Our Solution

This project, which was financed by USDA Rural Development, included a new master lift station, Highway 69 interceptor, and wastewater collection system rehabilitation.

This master lift station project consisted of a concrete wet well and valve vault; four submersible pumps (two at 218 gpm each and two at 840 gpm each) and discharge piping; electrical and controls; connection of gravity sewer to the wet well; and connection of the pump discharge piping to the existing force main.

Project Details


Emory, Texas




Application for Finance
Preliminary Engineering Report
Environmental Studies
Design Surveys
Geotechnical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Design Plans & Specifications
Easements / Right-of-Way Permits
Construction Bid & Award
Construction Review
Materials Testing
Record Drawings
Warranty Review