The plants capacity was expanded by more than 50% while converting from a stabilization lagoon treatment process to a sequencing batch reactor process.

Our Solution

Hayter Engineering was the prime consultant, design engineer, and project manager for the City of Emory, and assisted the City in obtaining a grant from the US Department of Agriculture Rural Development and the Texas Department of Rural Affairs for a new wastewater treatment plant to meet TCEQ requirements and capacity needs due to growth.

Improvements included: Sequencing Batch Reactor treatment unit with blowers, digester; package mechanical screen and grit channel; yard piping and junction box; splitter box; cascade outlet; Parshall flume; chlorine contact chamber; auxiliary generator and pad; electrical and control instrumentation; drain return lift station; sludge dewatering box, polymer feed & chlorine; abandonment of an aerated lagoon; and conversion of two stabilization lagoons to stormwater holding ponds.

This project was financed through USDA-Rural Development.

Hydraulic Capacity

Average Daily Flow: 0.3 MGD
Peak 2-Hour Flow: 1.2 MGD

Biological Capacity

BOD5: 500 ppd
TSS: 500 ppd

Effluent Limits

BOD5: 10 mg/l
TSS: 15 mg/l
NH3-N: 3.0 gm/l
D.O.: 6.0 mg/l (minimum) pH: 6.0 to 9.0
Cl2 Residual: 1.0 gm/l (minimum)

Project Details


Emory, Texas




Financial Application
Preliminary Engineering Report
Design Surveys
Boundary-Property Surveys
Geotechnical Engineering
Structural Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Design Plans & Specifications
Discharge Permits
Construction Bid & Award
Construction Review
TDLR Review
O & M Manual
Materials Testing
Record Drawings
Warranty Review