The original system, maintenance prone cast iron water main and clay tile wastewater main were replaced with the appropriate class of PVC pipe.

Our Solution

This project replaced water line sections along South Rockwall Street north and south of Baker Street, and water and sewer lines in the alley between South Rockwall Street and Medora Street north and south of Baker Street.

Improvements included the following:

  • 1,299 LF of 8 inch C-900 PVC water line
  • 60 LF of 6 inch C-900 PVC water line
  • 1,199 LF of 8 inch SDR 26 PVC gravity sewer line
  • 2 manholes removed and replaced
  • 1 new manhole
  • 25 customer service transfers
  • 346 SY 5 foot concrete sidewalk and drive approach
Project Details


Terrell, Texas




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