The Dam Safety Team repeatedly cited the City of Trinidad for numerous safety violations at the dam of City Lake (constructed in the 1950's). The project was developed to use on-site resources to complete the repairs necessary to bring the dam back into r

Our Solution

This project increased the width of the dam to reduce the hazards associated with dam failure and to protect the City of Trinidad’s only raw water supply. TCEQ directed the City to repair the dam. The effects of wind, waves, erosion, burrowing animals, etc. reduced the cross section of the dam from its original shape back in 1959. After considerable brush clearing and tree removal 25,300 cubic yards of new back slope was constructed.

The project also involved raising the top of the dam by 2 feet.

Photos above on the left show the project during construction and the top right photo shows the existing raw water pump station with a new retaining wall for protection added in this project. Other photos on the right show the completed slopes and top of the city lake dam.

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Trinidad, Texas




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