The plants filter system received major upgrades from manual to automatic operation and from gravity backwash to pumped backwash. A 200,000 gallon clearwell was added to provide a larger capacity to transfer to town and additional backwash capacity.

Our Solution

This project converted the filters from gravity to pumped backwash and included:

Filter piping gallery

  • An open concrete gallery was installed to allow access to existing underground piping to provide access for maintenance.

  • New filter to waste drain line and backwash supply line installed for more effective backwash cycles.

  • New butterfly valves and pneumatic actuation was installed and connected to a new central control panel on top of the filter gallery wall for operation of new pneumatic backwash system.

Backwash pump system

  • Backwash pump building

  • Backwash pumps and air compressor for the filter backwash system.

  • Backwash pumps are sized to properly expand the filter media to allow the filter media to be cleaned without disturbing the filtering quality of the media.

  • Subgrade was over excavated 6’ and backfilled with density controlled select fill to reduce the potential settlement of the structure. 200,000-gallon clearwell:

  • All welded construction with self-supported style roof.

  • Piping and valves installed to allow new tank to be operated in series or parallel with existing clearwell. Also allows for isolation of both clearwells for maintenance.

  • Clearwell is connected to backwash pumps for a direct supply for filter backwash water.

  • Economical ring wall style foundation with an over excavation of 6’ and installation of density controlled select fill to reduce the potential settlement of the structure.

Along with the above noted major improvements to the water treatment plant, a number of inline control valves and new yard piping to convey, isolate, and better use the water treatment plants upgrades and overall capacity were installed.

Project Details


Emory, TX


Clearwell: $393,500.00
Filter Backwash: $1,271,442.00


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